Welcome to the world of African musical instruments - Mbiras/Kalimbas!

About Kalimbatorium

Vintage African Kalimbas"Kalimbatorium" appeared in 2015 as an autonomous project at the Oberton Pro Jews Harp Center, based on the same deep specialization that allows to focus all attention on one and only one musical instrument. This is how you can present it in the best possible way, influencing its development. Although it is too early to talk about development ... but there is already something to be bragged about. From the very beginning, the collection of instruments was in private access and was shown only to "our people", although the circle of those interested gradually increasing. Now it is open to anyone.

Another uniting with Oberton is the format of the shop - it's not just a kalimba store, but a club of people interested in it. First of all, this is one area for events, including monthly jams; audio-video recording studio is also ready to present the music of Kalimba in the best possible way.

Hugh Tracey Kalimba SelectionThe selection of Kalibatorium at the moment exceeds all the boldest expectations not only by Russian standards - this instrument is not popular at all locally - but even on world - places where such a range of Mbira / Kalimba would be presented, simply does not exist. For example, only the varieties (models and their modifications) of the instruments of the African factory AMI (Hugh Tracey) we have more than 20. And the most popular "children's" calimas - Hokema B9 - we have more than a dozen in different tunings ... In addition, while pictures on the site already showing a lot, there is a unique collection of historical exhibits - mostly vintage African instruments - are in anticipation of being presented to the viewer...